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We provide a wide range of Family Office Services for wealthy families, athletes and entrepreneurs domiciled around the world. Our in-house expertise is complemented by a network of external specialists to ensure the provision of the best possible solutions for our clients.

Wealth Management Services

In addition to our investment expertise, our clients also benefit from our extensive network of custodian banks, with whom we have negotiated preferential terms thanks to our long-standing business relationships. As a result, all our clients have the opportunity to place their assets at the best possible conditions in the countries they desire.

Reporting & Controlling

Our clients can benefit from customized reports, which give them a better understanding of their current asset allocation than the traditional bank statements. In addition, we also have the capabilities to display the wealth and performance of clients with more complex asset structures (i.e. several custodians and/or non-bankable assets) in a consolidated manner.

Further, we have a deep understanding of various tax regimes, allowing us to control and correct tax reports or deliver the necessary information if custodian banks exhibit significant shortcomings in that matter. Moreover, the laborious process of reclaiming withholding taxes can be delegated to one of our trusted partners.


We provide advice to our clients beyond traditional asset management. Examples include the area of merger and acquisition, where some of our employees have gained experience throughout their careers as well as the financial education of our clients and, in particular, their family members (family governance). In legal matters, the opinion of our own lawyers can be obtained to help deciding whether it makes sense to bring in other specialists.